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Leadership in a chaotic world.

It can be found in many different places and circumstances. It is sometimes difficult to define, but it is easy to recognize and learn from.

This newest book, published by NHBV, is a timeless story about leadership. The agony of a man who doesn't believe the war he is fighting is justified but fights as hard as he can. The anger of an officer who know that his superiors are making poor decisions but still must follow orders. The commitment of a leader who does his best in extremely difficult circumstances and who suffers tremendously, as do all of those involved.

"The Death of the Julia Division, Memoirs of an Officer" is not a business book. It is the devastating chronicle of the destruction of the 3rd Alpine Division Julia in Italy's war against Greece in 1940. It is an emotional, first-hand, day-by-day description of leadership challenges and survival in an impossible situation.

Interested in survival in today's stormy business seas? Want to better understand the kind of leadership and leadership actions that it takes? If so, you may be interested in our newest leadership book.

Memoirs of an Officer
by Giacomo Fatuzzo

A book about leadership and survival.
Available from amazon:
 The Death of the Julia Division

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